Upcoming Vegetation Activities Notification - 12/19/2017


Please be advise that Ameren will perform vegetation management in your area in the near future. Our professional vegetation management specialists will be managing vegetation on right-of-ways that could affect our electric line. This vegetation management work is necessary to protect the integrity of the electric system and to prevent potential safety hazards.

This work might include: aerial or manual trimming, removal of vegetation, mowing, application of environmentally-safe herbicides, and inspections as necessary in your area. Interested persons may call the Ameren toll free number 1-800-232-2477 or visit www.amerent.com/transmission to understand any potential dispute resolution opportunities, processes, rights, and/or remedies. Common addresses of properties affected by the planned vegetation management have been provided to the office of the mayor of any affected municipality and the office of the county board chairman. Customers and property owners may appeal the particular vegetation work planned on their property by: 1) calling the Ameren toll free number 1-800-232-2477 referencing Code TMT, 2) accessing the website mentioned above referencing Code TMT-Contact Us, or 3) contacting the Illinois Commerce Commission Consumer Services Division at 1-800-524-0795.



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