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Russia is hacking your social media news feed

Now that most of our information — and the information that news organizations use as raw material — is delivered by technology platforms such as social networks, what we know about the world is potentially hackable. Propagandists no longer have to convince professional news organizations to spread their stories; how to buy likes for instagram they just have to embed them into social media news feeds. Employees of the Russian propaganda machine, in particular, seem to be focused on finding ways to game the modern news delivery system. And though their techniques aren’t yet perfect, they’re making significant progress. In a recent post on, John Borthwick and Gilad Lotan of Betaworks, the New York City-based venture capital firm, detailed two cases in which hackers — apparently originating from Russia in both instances — attempted to mess with the flow of news in the West. One of the two operations succeeded and the other failed.

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Social Network Concerns

Providing instant communication with friends and family, photo and music sharing and access to millions of game and apps, social networks affect many aspects of our daily lives to one extent or another. Facebook has a member base comparable in size to the population of China, and several other social media networks have more members than the United States does citizens. With the vast numbers of social media users on the Internet these days, it's buy instagram 50 likes easy to see why the networking sites play such an important role in our society. People share all sorts of information on social media sites. With posts ranging from personal pictures and status updates to rants and raves about local businesses (and other people,) nothing seems to be taboo on social media sites. With the waves of useful -- and not so useful -- information available on social networks, it's easy to get caught up in the uproar and want to share parts of your life.

Start with Content Marketing & Blog

A blog offers numerous social and SEO benefits. Blogs are very effective as the hub in a “hub and spoke” social media content model. The spokes of that model might be Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Foursquare and other social media sites your customers are participating on. Blog posts can focus on answering Frequently Asked buy automatic likes on instagram Questions and topics of interest to customers. Create categories for each area of focus in your business to serve as an editorial guide. Schedule posts in advance to save time and encourage staff to comment and promote the blog on any other social sites you’re involved with.