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Put proper processes in place

From guidelines and responsibilities, to monitoring and crisis management, making sure that everyone involved in your brand's social media activity knows what they have to do will ensure your strategy has the best chance buy twitter followers of succeeding. Marketers should also concentrate on integrating social media with their existing activity – and should avoid separating campaigns – this will give your activity a more united front and will allow for greater audience participation.This may mean that you need your customer service department to change or your inside sales processes updated to encompass the new processes – but the rewards, more often than not, far outweigh the efforts involved.The research findings show that social media is indeed becoming a bigger priority for companies, with almost three quarters (73%) now running online communities. It also shows that as many as 69% of UK businesses have appointed or plan to appoint a social media or community manager in next 12 months. At the same time, 28 % thought creating content was challenging. Download the complete report if you are interested. So, it is clear that social media is quickly becoming an important focus for businesses and this means establishing new processes and ways of working in order to take full advantage of the emerging channel.

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Track results and iterate for the future.

Unlike offline promotions, which may take a year to plan and execute, social media promotions can be planned and executed a lot faster, giving you more time to look at the results and make changes for the near future. Whatever buy targeted twitter followers success looks like to your brand, it can always be better, so the more you track, the more you can analyze and improve.Above all else, take off your marketing cap, put on your consumer cap, and ask yourself, “Would I be excited to enter this contest and tell all of my friends about it? Is this easy enough to enter? Is the prize right?” If the answers to these questions are all “YES”, you’re well on your way to launching a successful social media promotion.A hurdle that most run into, however, is ensuring that their audience is actually seeing their content and promotions. In addition to a 2010 study that revealed that posting early in the day is more engaging, one of the most important techniques a brand must learn is how to optimize posts to make them more “likeable,” or worthy of clicking “like.” There are many ways to do this, but the method that is by far the most mysterious to brands is the often misunderstood News Feed, how it works and how to optimize it.

Determine Your Business Objectives.

"Early examples of successful social communities in use within organizations demonstrate the ability to solve multiple objectives because these communities provide multiple layers of social activities," the report states. Try focusing your objectives on innovation (such as a video-posting site where employees are encouraged to submit ideas), collaboration buy twitter followers (project groups where members can IM each other, post ideas to a wiki and share documents), support (such as a discussion community where employees can post and answer questions), learning (like a Facebook site where employees can search based on expertise) and archiving (which encompasses document sharing with community tagging to highlight relevance and value), Forrester recommends.Forrester cites that usually, the top types of users at any given business are spectators (those who maintain a blog or webpage and upload videos or audio), joiners (defined as people who maintain social networking profiles), critics (those who react to online content by posting comments, ratings or reviews) and conversationalists (people interested in microblogging).