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I make old fashion lye soap
213 South St
Sherman, Illinois 62684
United States
217 496-2325
I started making lye soap, cause I couldn't find it anywhere. I wash in it daily, so it is safe for your skin. It is very good for mosquito bits, poison ivy, teenage acne, good to take stains out from clothes, eliminates body odor. I have had good responses from people that use my soap. A lady taking chemo had been bothered with a skin rash, was miserable because of both conditions, she started to use my soap and her rash was cured. I sell it for $2.00 a bar. You can order it from me or if you are in Arthur, at Beach's grocery store, he sells it for me, also Horse Feathers in Elkhart, The Farm in Salsbury, and Bits n Pieces in Springfield. Everyone is suprised how much it lathers and how it takes the itch out from bites, poison ivy. It is a good bar of soap to take a bath in at night. If you had been bitten by a mosquito, you won't itch, it will be a red spot where you got bit at. When out pulling weeds, come in house and wash area with soap, you will not be affected with poison ivy, cause the lye soap protects you. Try it, you will not use ordinary soap again.