Mr. Stratton was appointed as Village Administrator and Economic Development Coordinator on July 11, 2017.  Mr. Stratton comes to the Village with over 20 years successful experience and accomplishments as executive management of State and local government organizations.  Mr. Stratton earned his M.A. from the University of Illinois is 1997 and his B.A. from Illinois College in 1993.  Mr. Stratton has held certifications in the fields of human resource management, labor relations, public administration, parks and recreation management and related professional associations.  Mr. Stratton has served and consulted on public, private boards and commissions including Sangamon County Zoning Commission and its subcommittees, master planning commissions, intergovernmental consolidation commissions, bike trail commissions, numerous non-profit organizations and Springfield and Illinois Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Stratton was born and raised in Sangamon County and currently resides in Springfield, IL with his wife, Michelle.