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If you want to be listed in this section, are a village business or a sherman resident that owns a business; please provide the following to and request to be added to the website. Provide: Business Name, Business Address, Business Phone Number(s), Business Website Address or FaceBook Address, Your Name, Your Phone Number and Your Email. 

Business Address Phone Directions
Cancun Cancun 420 Crossing Dr. Suite #4 496.3221 Get Directions
Casey's General Store Casey's General Store 270 Crossing Drive 496.3626 Get Directions
Central Ag Services Central Ag Services 2555 East Andrew Road 899.6814 Get Directions
China King China King 420 Crossing Dr. Suite #7 496.3118 Get Directions
Clothing Rack Clothing Rack 271 S. Sherman Blvd. 496.3633 Get Directions
County Market County Market 109 Illini Blvd 496.2817 Get Directions
Country Financial Country Financial 318 S. Crossing Drive 496.2341 Get Directions
Double H Tavern Double H Tavern 121 N. 1st Street 496.3811 Get Directions
Ed Clark Photography Ed Clark Photography 960 1st Street 496.3686 Get Directions
Edward Jones Investments Edward Jones Investments 420 Crossing Dr., Suite #5 496.3611 Get Directions
Fairlane Diner Fairlane Diner 300 Crossing Drive 303.9330 Get Directions
Faith Outreach Christian Church Faith Outreach Christian Church 6800 Bahr Road 414.7773 Get Directions
Farmland Solutions Farmland Solutions 320 Crossing Drive 496.3500 Get Directions
Farm Credit Services of Illinois Farm Credit Services of Illinois 1200 Old Tipton School Rd 788.1200 Get Directions
Final Four Tavern Final Four Tavern 128 N. 1st Street 496.3490 Get Directions
Fire & Ale Fire & Ale 135 Illini Blvd. 496.2236 Get Directions
Flourish Flower Company Flourish Flower Company 211 S. Sherman Blvd. 496.3054 Get Directions
Funky’s Trophy & Engraving Funky’s Trophy & Engraving 105 Villa Parkway 725.0508 Get Directions
Gatsbys Hair Boutique Gatsbys Hair Boutique 120 North 1st Street 502.4024 Get Directions
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 500 S. Sherman Blvd. 496.3149 Get Directions
Grayboy Building Maintenance Grayboy Building Maintenance 600 Stonehill 502.0154 Get Directions
Gold Center Gold Center 3000 W. Iles (Spfld) 783.8000 Get Directions
HSHS Medical Group HSHS Medical Group 2806 E. Andrew Road 483.1900 Get Directions
Jim Johnson Lawn Care Jim Johnson Lawn Care 1270 Red Bud Run 836.4052 Get Directions
John Grayson’s Martial Arts John Grayson’s Martial Arts 1929 W. Iles (Spfld) 547.6762 Get Directions
Lincoln Land Insurance Lincoln Land Insurance 480 S. Crossing Drive 566.2817 Get Directions
Living Faith Baptist Church Living Faith Baptist Church 7575 W. Outer Rd. 496.2590 Get Directions
Lloyd IT Services Lloyd IT Services 505 St. John Drive 496.6722 Get Directions
Mane Mixx Salon Mane Mixx Salon 133 Illini Blvd. 720.2218 Get Directions
Menard Electric Menard Electric PO Box 200 (Petersburg) 800.872.1203
Mitzi Brandenburg Realtor/Broker Mitzi Brandenburg Realtor/Broker 19 Northridge Drive 416.0745 Get Directions
Nelson Wall Systems Nelson Wall Systems 134 N. 1st Street 496.2864 Get Directions
Noonan Grand Rental Noonan Grand Rental 3031 S. Koke Mill (Spfld) 546.7368 Get Directions
Poe’s Catering (On The Hill) Poe’s Catering (On The Hill) 295 E. Andrew Road 487.7601 Get Directions
Green Prairie Animal Hospital Green Prairie Animal Hospital 208 Village Center Road 689.4960 Get Directions
Ricco’s Pizza Ricco’s Pizza 420 Crossing Dr, Suite #6 496.2369 Get Directions
Sam’s Too Pizza Sam’s Too Pizza 312 S. Crossing Drive 496.2374 Get Directions
Sandy & Bill Dragoo Realtors Sandy & Bill Dragoo Realtors 2475 W. Monroe (Spfld) 725.9445 Get Directions
Seaney Farms Seaney Farms 100 Illini Blvd. 496-2715 Get Directions
Serenity Salon Serenity Salon 133 Illini Blvd. 496.3030 Get Directions
Shear Beauty Shear Beauty 125 Main Street 827.3273 Get Directions
Sherman Athletic Club Sherman Athletic Club 300 S. 1st Street 496.3122 Get Directions
Sherman Area Chamber Commerce Sherman Area Chamber Commerce PO Box 156
Sherman Car Wash Sherman Car Wash 290 Crossing Drive 496.2400 Get Directions
Sherman Elementary School Sherman Elementary School 312 South Street 496.2021 Get Directions
Sherman Fire Protection District Sherman Fire Protection District 2215 East Andrew Road 496.2213 Get Directions
Sherman United Methodist Church Sherman United Methodist Church 2336 East Andrew Road 496.2338 Get Directions
Sherman Mini Storage Sherman Mini Storage 308 Zimmerman Road 487.7273 Get Directions
Sherman Police Department Sherman Police Department 2629 East Andrew Road 496.3256 Get Directions
Sherman Post Office Sherman Post Office 2605 East Andrew Road 496.2032 Get Directions
Sherman Public Library Sherman Public Library 2100 East Andrew Road 496.2496 Get Directions
Sherman Village Hall Sherman Village Hall 401 St. John Drive 496.2621 Get Directions
Snap Fitness Center Snap Fitness Center 131 Illini Blvd. 496.6645 Get Directions
Staab Funeral Home Staab Funeral Home 2626 East Andrew Road 528.6461 Get Directions
State Farm Insurance State Farm Insurance 2585 East Andrew Road 496.2333 Get Directions
Subway Subway 420 Crossing Dr. Suite #1 496.2929 Get Directions
The Rail Golf Course The Rail Golf Course 1400 Clubhouse Drive 525.0365 Get Directions
Tasty Cafe Tasty Cafe 110 Villa Parkway 492.9379 Get Directions
Tropical Sno Tropical Sno 100 Illini Blvd. Get Directions
Turasky Builders Turasky Builders 971 Gooseneck Trail 816.1411 Get Directions
Villa Retirement Office Villa Retirement Office 100 Villa Parkway 744.3654 Get Directions
Village of Williamsville Village of Williamsville 141 W. Main (Will) 566.3806 Get Directions
Visi – Kim Hayes Visi – Kim Hayes 1070 Lost Tree Dr. 306-1400 Get Directions
Walgreens Walgreens 106 Illini Boulevard 496.2392 Get Directions
Water Department Water Department 141 W. Main (Will) 566.3806 Get Directions
Williamsville Sport Boosters Williamsville Sport Boosters 341.0024 Get Directions
Williamsville State Bank & Trust Williamsville State Bank & Trust 480 S. Crossing Drive 698.9728 Get Directions
Yoder Construction Yoder Construction 405 North Pine 553.2000 Get Directions
Zara’s Collision Center Zara’s Collision Center 3117 Wide Track Dr. (Spfld) 522.7768 Get Directions