Below are a list of major projects underway or recently completed.  For additional information, please call Village Hall at 217-496-2621, Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5pm or email 

I. Multi-Use Path – West of Old Tipton School Road from Red Bud Run into Village Park.

Description:  8-10' wide non motorized safety access path leading from Sherman Village Park north and west along Old Tipton School Road up to St John's Drive.  Designed for non vehicular/non motorized access of bikes, hikers, walkers, pedestrians from subdivisions to Sherman Village Park.  

STATUS UPDATE August/September 2022.  Project is underway.  Completion expected before November 24, 2022.  Much thanks to those residents along Evergreen Walk in Old Tipton Estates and the Old Tipton Estates HOA for coordinating this project that will provide a non motorized safe access for Sherman families, children and residents to enjoy Sherman Village Park and all it has to offer.

II. 2022 Road Improvement Projects around Village.  

Desription:  The Village Board issued bonds in February 2021 with a majority of the funding to be directed toward mill and overlay projects in the Village.  The Village Engineer is to present plans on which roads are in highest priority in the next few months.  

Status Update August/September 2022.  Special Board Meeting held on Friday, September 2 to approve contract to begin road improvement projects around the Village.  Road Improvement projects began Tuesday, September 6, 2022.


III.  Splash Pad/Site Amenities (SVP) Project.  

Description:  Design and construction of an at-grade splash fountain area at Sherman Village Park along with other amenities around the park to include fencing installation around splash pad and playground area.

Status Update August/September 2022.  Project bids received and only a single bidder on the project.  Bid was rejected.  Staff breaking down the projects into separate projects and will openly bid in the months ahead.  

IV. Waldrop Park Additional Softball Field Upgrade. 

Description.  Add another softball field at Waldrop Park along with additional amenities such as fencing, dugouts, bleacher seating. 

Status Update August/September 2022. Project continues and is underway by area field designer and builder.  Weather and field conditions have delayed project to anticipated completion but work continues.

Next phase is fencing and dugouts.  Village staff preparing specifications for bid for the fencing project and dugout construction.

V. Fitness Stations Along Path at Sherman Village Park.  On September 20 Board approved purchase of 7 fitness stations and approved project to move forward.

VI.  Route 66 Park Site Amenities Added.  Public Works staff installed the silhouette, way finding signage and picnic table at the Route 66 Way side park.  These components were granted to the Village several years ago through the Route 66 Scenic Byway Association.

VII.  Ridgeview Park Pond Dredge Project.  Staff is working with professional environmental engineering consultants to determine the best and most cost effective method to dredge the pond.  Public works staff have applied chemicals to the pond to eliminate the growth of duckweed and similar plants from growing.

Other Projects Under Review . . . 

1.  Entry Signs.  New updated entry signs are under review for funding.

2.  Additional Road Projects.  Staff reviewing funding availability to add some additional road improvement projects under the current road contractors agreement.

3.  Village Center Road.  Plans under review for the repair and improvement of Village Center Road.

For details please email us at