Sherman/Williamsville Bike & Hike Trail Connecting the Two Sister Villages

After ten years in the making, the Villages of Sherman and Williamsville were awarded a $2 million grant in October 2016 for a $2.8 million dollar estimated project under a grant offered through the Federal Government and administered through Illinois Department of Transportation under the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) which has been established to improve bicycle and pedestrian travel and other nonmotorized alternative travel options.  The Villages are responsible for up to 20% of the total project cost shared between the Villages.

The proposed 4.4-mile multi-use Bike and Hike Trail will connect the two Villages and will provide a safe access and non-motorized access for residents and users to enjoy. The Villages hope that in the future the trail could be a component of the Route 66 Trail, which connects Chatham and Springfield and Sherman. 

Status Report as of September 4, 2018.  At the September 4, 2018 Sherman Village Board Meeting, the Village Engineer, Mr. Kevin Kuhn of KnT Engineering announced that the major steps of securing the leases with Ameren have been complete and are before IDOT for final approval that puts the project about 10% closer to approval for bid letting purposes. 

Status Report as of December 4, 2018.  Village Engineer Kuhn provided status report of the trail noting that IDOT has began negotiations for land acquisition for the ground needed for trail heads for the bike trail with property owners.  Unfortunately the Village(s) are under the time lines of IDOT.  Representatives of both Williamsville and Sherman have expressed their concerns with Engineers and IDOT as to the pace of this trail construction and have requested a time line.  We will post as soon as we get this information from IDOT.  Sherman and Williamsville have reserved funding for their share of the project since the beginning of the grant award as required under the ITEP grant.   

Status Report as of August, 2019.  Lease agreement with Ameren and the Village of Williamsville has been approved for the usage of the Ameren right of way from Sherman to Williamsville.  IDOT and Village of Williamsville Engineers are currently negotiating with land owners on the acquisition of property to use the trail head for the multi use non motorized trail system.  This process will take some time to finalize. Representatives of the Village of Sherman continue to push for quick turnaround so construction can commence.  

Status Report as of October 7, 2019.  IDOT and Williamsville exhausted discussions with land owner on purchase of less than 1/2 acre of land to construct a trail head as required under the construction plans for trail access.  Village Board approved ordinance on October 1, 2019 to authorize legal counsel to take the appropriate legal action to secure the property for the trail development.  Construction anticipated in 2020.  

Status Report as of November 19, 2019.  Pending the acquisition of property for the trail head in Sherman on Andrew Road which could take about 3-4 months, the project will be ready for bid preparation, letting and construction in the 2020 season.   

Road Repairs Around Village of Sherman

At the September 4, 2018 Village Board Meeting, President Clatfelter and the Village Board of Trustees approved an ordinance to authorize the contracting and scheduling of various sections of road improvements around the Village which have been commonly referred to as the “reverse speed bumps”.  Funding available will allow for up to 15 sections for 2018.  Priorities for these projects to include sections in Old Tipton Estates, along First street to Meredith, Partridge pass, and other sections along Lost Tree.  Village Administration will post the sections that are scheduled for repair once the schedule is worked out with the contractor.

Status Report as of September 5, 2018.  Staff is identifying the priority sections to be improved based on funding allocation and priority.  Staff working with the Contractor to identify start dates and location starts.  Staff will make public announcements before projects are underway.

Status Report as of December 4, 2018.  Numerous sections of roads in the Village of Sherman have been repaired that include areas along First Street, Partridge Pass and Brookside Glenn.  All other road repairs have ceased for the year due to weather conditions.  The Village Board has authorized the funding to continue the road repair work into 2019 for the subdivisions of Old Tipton Road, Brookside Glenn and along First Street.  With available funding the Village is hoping for a Spring and Fall repair schedule for continued repairs by an outside contractor.

Status Report as of August 2019.  Dip repair work began in Old Tipton Estates August 5, 2019 in accord with the Village's dip repair scheduled that began in 2018.  Work will include repair work on Evergreen Walk, Entrance to Old Tipton Estates, along Red Bud Run, Fountain Park and Nine Rock Road.  Dip repair work will continue in the fall funding available.

Status Report as of October/November 2019.  Dip repair work was completed in Old Tipton Estates in August, 2019.  St. John's Drive unexpected road issues from early this year have been repaired by Public Works to make it more passable.  Road Repairs have come to an end for the season and plans are underway to continue the road repairs into 2020.

Crack Filling and Pothole Repair Program

At the September 4, 2018 Village Board Meeting, President Clatfelter and the Village Board of Trustees announced that Administrative and Public Works staff are making priority lists of road repair projects around the Village that will include filling in and repairing large cracks and potholes on our roads, especially in our subdivisions.  The work is being performed in conjunction with Williams Township. 

Status Report as of September 5, 2018.  Staff has identified the priority areas around the Village that need the greatest attention based on the most recent road improvement plan study.  Priority areas will include sections in Brookside Glenn area, Crown Point, Waterford Subdivisions as well as others.

Status Report as of November 20, 2018. Road improvement projects were started on November 8th with the scope of the work to saw cut and repair sections of road where it has sunk over time in Brookside Glen. Planning for 2019 is underway. Please do not hesitate to contact Village Hall at 496.2621 or via email should you have any questions.

Status Report as of December 4, 2018.  Crack filling and pothole repairs have ceased for the year due to weather conditions.  Plans are underway for Spring/Summer pothole and crack filling projects around the Village.  The Village is also working with Williams Township under its mutual aid agreement to utilize their equipment to repair many of the smaller cracks on Village Roads.  Plans to begin in Spring/Summer 2019.

Status Report as of August, 2019.  Village Administration is working with Township officials and contractors to coordinate a crack filling and pothole repairs in areas around the Village that include Brookside Glen and related sections.  Plans to announce scheduled work in upcoming weeks.

Status Report as of October/November 2019.  Public works completed its crack filling and pothole repair for the season.  Plans under review for 2020 crack filling and pothole repair. Public is encouraged to contact the Village Admin Offices at 217-496-2621  or email at to report potholes needing repair.  

Road Improvement, Repair & Patching Project Planning

President Clatfelter announced that Administrative and Public Works staff are working with the Village Engineer to get an early start on the Village’s annual road improvement, repair and patching plans for the 2019 project season.  Plans, cost estimates and schedules to be presented to the Board by the November Board meeting in preparation for the 2019 season.

Status Report as of December 4, 2018. At the December 4, 2018 Village Board Meeting the Village Board approved a resolution with IDOT for the project list for 2019 for road improvements, repairs and patching with the use of MFT funding.  Projects to include sections of road in Old Tipton Estates, Brookside Glenn and sections along first street.  This is an annual program with funding coming primarily from MFT sources. 

Status Report as of August 2019.  Staff continue to work with Village Engineers, Township Officials and Contractors to come up with plans to improve roads in the Village that includes sections of Village Center Road, Windemere Drive, St. John's Drive and patch work and crack filling in sections of Brookside Glenn.  Announcements to be made in the next several weeks as schedules get confirmed for contract letting and work to begin.

Status Report as of October/November 2019.  Village Engineers are preparing plans and specifications for road repair, milling and overlay for priority road ways around the Village for construction in the 2020 season.  Village Board approves the 2020 maintenance and repair program in its November Board meeting that will include mill and overlay for Windemere Drive, Village Center Road and new construction of non motorized path west of Old Tipton School Road from red bud run to Village Park.

Village Park Playground Planning to Get Underway this Fall

President Clatfelter announced that Administrative Staff are working with the Village Engineer to begin the planning process for the Spring 2019 Construction of a new Play System in Village Park.  Staff have been directed to work closely with the Parks & Recreation Committee and involve students and parents of the Sherman Elementary School and community to be part of the equipment selection process.

Administrative Staff and the Village Engineer will present the process plan to the Board in the October Board meetings.  Administrative Staff have been directed to research, locate and inquire about grant funding from other agencies to assist the Village in providing a state-of-the-art playground component and safety surface system at Village Park.

Status Report as of November 21, 2018. Mayor Trevor J. Clatfelter and the Village Board vote 7-0 on November 20, 2018 to accept a bid for a new 10,000-square foot playground for children up to age 12 at the Village Park. The equipment will be ordered and ready for use next spring!

Status Report as of December 7,2018.  The play equipment has been ordered, is being packaged and shipped.  The Village anticipates delivery of components to begin sometime later in December.  Equipment will be stored at Village Park until construction in Spring 2019.

Status Report as of August 2019.  Work has began on the playground with the help of six local unions and two local business'.  Teamsters Local 916; Carpenters Local 270, Operating Engineers Local 965, Cement Masons Local 18, Iron Workers Local 46, Plumbers Local 137, Oshea Builders and Capitol Ready Mix came forward to build the play system with their apprentice program members and provide material saving the Village over $60,000 in construction cost.  Once the structure is erected the surface material company will come in and coordinate the poured in place safety surface material.  Projected completion in September 2019.

Status Report as of October 2019.  Work continues on the playground build project that local area unions have taken on the project labor at no cost to the Village.  Damaged pieces, missing parts and weather have played a role in project completion. Concrete will begin to be poured to set the equipment and for pouring walkway around playground.  The Village is gathering estimates for construction of a decorative rod iron type fence to surround the playground and vehicle guard rail along Old Tipton curve for safety purposes. Poured in place safety surface material planned for November, weather permitting.

Status Report as of November 2019. The playground has been fully installed and looks incredible.  Thank you to local area unions for their donated labor to make this a reality.  The final stage is the poured in place safety surface material.  Weather has delayed the pouring until Spring 2020.  Plans underway for playground dedication and opening ceremony for summer 2020.

Multi-Use Path – West of Old Tipton School Road from Red Bud Run into Village Park

President Clatfelter has directed Administrative Staff to work with the Village Engineer to design and request bids for the construction of a multi- use path along Old Tipton School Road from Red Bud Run into Village Park that will provide a non-motorized off street safety route for residents to get to Village Park.

Administrative Staff and the Village Engineer will present information to the Board on the status of this project in the October/November Board meetings.  Providing a safe route to access Parks and Recreation services at Village Park is a high priority for the Village.  Construction anticipated in Spring/Early Summer 2019.

Status Update as of December 5, 2018.  Village staff are working with the Village Engineer to prepare the documents necessary to go to bid on the new path system that will safely connect residents to Village Park.  The project will bid as a concrete path 5ft or greater in width along the west side of Old Tipton School Road from Red Bud Run to Village Park.  Plans for additional safe routes are in the planning stages.  In addition the Village is reviewing grant opportunities through IDNR, IDOT and Federal Agencies to share in the cost of construction. These are highly competitive grants with limited funds available to all municipalities and park districts around the State of Illinois.

Status Update as of August, 2019.  Village representatives have reached out to homeowners along Old Tipton School Road to the West to gather information on any questions or issues they may have with the path construction as it relates to their property.  The Village continues to work with residents and the HOA to address concerns related to path location, size, preferred material and related issues raised by residents before bidding the project and proceeding to construction.  Village projects going to bid in September with construction to begin sometime this fall.

Status Update as of October/November 2019.  Due to the funds being used for the project and restrictions thereof, Village Engineers are preparing specs and plans to go to bid for the new path system along Old Tipton School Road.  This has delayed project start until Spring 2020.  

CassComm Fiber Installation Update.

CASSCOMM continues fiber optic install in Sherman.  Representatives of Casscomm indicated as long as the weather holds out the construction should be complete by the end of the year and the splicing will start directly after that. Once the splicing is complete they will start doing installs. Weather pending, hoping by late January they will be ready to test and install

This new service is promised to bring residents the opportunity to receive Internet speeds up to 1gig.   Current Internet packages offer speeds of 10 Meg, 25 Meg, and 50M. Once construction is complete and we connect the customer with fiber, we will be offering Internet packages with symmetrical speeds of 60 Meg/110 Meg/225 Meg and 1 gig. These speeds offered in your current package will be upgraded to the new Fiber speeds. For example, if you currently have 10 Meg you will be bumped up to 60 Meg, if you have 25 Meg you will be moved to the 110 Meg speed.