The MISSION of the Illinois Sherman Community Foundation is: to promote an awareness and to work in parallel with the Village of Sherman to develop and pursue initiatives that promote the beautification of our Village and to support tree planting in harmony with the natural landscape and to Enhance the beauty of our public landscape, encouraging community engagement and civic pride. One of the goals of the Foundation is to create pride in our Village and to motivate the citizens of Sherman to participate in the beautification process. The Foundation identifies areas in need of improvement, creates and supports on-going programs, recruit volunteers, and secure funding to achieve its goals. SCF promotes environmental practices and educates our citizens for continued ongoing beautification and environmental activities within the Village. 

Foundation Board

Board Officers

  • Board Chair: Sean Bull
  • Board Vice Chair: Cathy Inindino
  • Co-Secretary: Pam Gray and Lora Murgatroyd
  • Treasurer: Holly Cunningham

Board Members

  • Kerry McKenzie
  • LuAnn Meyers