Tree Limb Pickup Special Schedule

  • 5/23/2019

Tree Limb Pickup Special Schedule

The storm in the early hours of May 23rd caused some tree damage throughout the Village. Sherman Police and Emergency Management surveyed the community and with Public Works ensured the streets were passable for morning traffic. The Fire District was busy too addressing electrical lines down from the tree damage.

Public Works will start tomorrow, Friday May 24th to provide limb pickup and continue the work again on Tuesday (after Memorial Day Holiday) and all through the week.

Please be reminded that we can only collect limbs of about 6 foot in length. Tree trunks and whole trees are not permitted. If you have work done by professional tree services please make arrangement to have them or someone else remove your debris as do not have the ability to remove so much debris.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. As always, please do not hesitate to contact Village Hall should you have any questions. We are at 217.496.2621.