Park Ceramic Planter Donation Application

  • 8/25/2020

Park Outdoor Glazed Ceramic Planter Donation Application

The Village Board is pleased to offer donation opportunities for the installation of large Ceramic Planters. If you are interested, and we hope you are, please read the following Terms & Conditions and download the application

Outdoor Glazed Ceramic Planter Donation Terms and Conditions
1. This program is designed to enable residents and park users to support the Village of Sherman through a park glazed ceramic planter donation program. A planter donation will be accepted only for placement of a glazed ceramic planter and location identified by the Village Parks & Recreation Committee. The Committee will work with the Donor to select a planter site from the site plan.

2. Commemorative plaques installed on glazed ceramic planter must be for an individual or a purpose that is non-controversial with text that is appropriate for display in a public place, and approved by the Parks & Recreation Committee.

3. Donations will be acknowledged by a plaque affixed to the planter. The plaque of the donation does not entitle the donor to ownership of the particular or any other donated planter.

4. Donation forms will be accepted throughout the year.

5. Payment is required in full with the application. The donation for a commemorative Park Glazed ceramic planter shall be $325.00. The cost covers: glazed ceramic planter, delivery and placement on concrete pad, 2 1/2”x5” engraved plaque, potting soil and plants. Volunteers will plant planters.

6. The Committee representative will finalize, with the donor, the proposed locations available for placement.

7. A maximum of 4 lines of text and 40 characters per line is permitted on the dedication plaque. Text is subject to the approval of the Parks & Recreation Committee.

8. The Committee will inventory, date, a record of all existing donated planters and plaques that have been requested, ordered and installed. A copy of these records will be filed with the Village Clerk every time it is