Police Valor Award




Awarded to Officer Luke Hildebrand of the Sherman Police Department



For services set forth in the following


For action taken while serving as a Police Officer, Sherman Police Department on August 20, 2022, enduring life-threatening risk to himself to rescue another person from a life-threatening situation. On this date, Officer Hildebrand and Deputy Chief Aaron Entringer responded to a 911 emergency with Sherman Fire Protection District in Birch Lakes subdivision. Initial reports indicate a large tree limb had fallen upon a group of five people, some with serious injuries.

Upon their arrival, officers quickly determined the large limb had fallen and was obstructing the roadway and located an adult and a child with significant injuries. Officers triaged injured persons and requested additional ambulances be dispatched.

Deputy Chief Entringer rendered aid to the child that had sustained a leg fracture and was bleeding from the head. Officer Hildebrand was providing assistance when a loud crack was heard above with bystanders yelling to officers as a second branch came crashing down. Officer Hildebrand, without concern to his own personal safety, put himself over the top of Deputy Chief Entringer and the injured child to shield them from injury. A resident assisting in the rescue sustained a fractured ankle when the branch landed.

Officer Hildebrand’s actions to forsake his own personal safety, putting himself at risk to protect others in a critical situation and is a testament to his professional abilities, personal initiative, and dedication to duty. He reflected great credit upon himself, the police department, and the community he serves.