DATE CHANGE: Sherman Fireworks

  • 7/3/2024

Due to the weather predictions we have moved the fireworks to Friday the 5th.



Welcome to the Village of Sherman Fireworks Spectacular.

Help us to celebrate Independence Day safely by following this information:

  • Use caution while driving in the venue due to heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Police officers will assist you in parking. There are hundreds of vehicles arriving. You may reposition your vehicle in the assigned parking slot once the traffic flow has passed and it is safe to do so. This will help us to keep traffic flowing and not to cause delays.
  • Restricted areas have been established for your safety. Do not violate areas that are roped off or state “Do Not Cross”.
  • Personal fireworks are prohibited on-site.
  • When leaving the park, we thank you for celebrating Independence Day with us at Village Park. Exit routes have been pre-planned so you can leave the park safely. Be courteous and follow the direction of police officers conducting traffic control while you exit the site.


The Village of Sherman offers free parking at Village Park and the land south of the park. Parking is self-service and well-marked. Please follow law enforcement instructions.

  • Handicap Parking is designated on Rail Fence Drive in front of the North Pavilion.
  • Motorcycle Parking is designated south of the roundabout on the West side. Overflow motorcycle parking will be on the West side of Rail Fence Drive just south of Cedar Rail Drive.

Once all the lots are considered full, no further parking will be permitted on-site unless spaces become available.


The two concession stands by the Amphitheatre have restrooms that will be open. Porta-Potties and wash stations will also be located at Cedar Rail and Rail Fence Drive.


Alcohol / Food Policy

Local law enforcement will be always monitoring the area and crowd.  Intoxicated people will not be allowed.  All persons under 21 found to be drinking alcohol will be arrested.

Outside food is allowed into the event as well as beverages. Cooking food though is not permitted due to the danger of starting a field fire. Having fun is encouraged. Since parking is at a premium no play areas can be set up in the parking lots. Sitting areas for fireworks viewing are permitted. Remember we have nice grassy areas in the Amphitheatre area.


There will be law enforcement officers specifically designated to assist attendees and be a resource should their services be necessary. All vehicles and bags can be subject to security check.  Animals are permitted but must remain on a leash. 

Reducing Risk

The Village of Sherman is committed to reducing the risks and negative consequences of alcohol consumption and unsafe acts at the event.  Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Fire District personnel and Village staff will monitor the grounds for unsafe practices. If attendees do not comply with instructions, they will be removed from the event.


Please dispose trash into the proper trash cans or take home to dispose of. 


Items Allowed at the Event

  • Chairs
  • Blankets
  • Purses/Bags (subject to search)
  • Backpacks (subject to search)

Items NOT ALLOWED at the Event

  • No weapon of any kind (firearms, knives, or any other item deemed dangerous)
  • No fireworks
  • No illegal substances
  • No Drones shall be flown within the park.
  • No glass containers
  • No unleashed animals
  • No cooking/grilling
  • No roller skates/rollerblades
  • No skateboards – No skateboarding
  • No bicycles

This park will be very busy with vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Slow down and watch out for each other!


Please respect the rules

so that this is a great annual experience for all.