The Village of Sherman installed numerous years ago an emergency outdoor siren warning system replacing a 1960's era system that was unreliable and expensive to maintain. The present system has many newer administrative features. The siren's main intent is to warn residents, when they are outside, of an impending emergency. We highly recommend that you have alternate warning devices, such as a weather radio, to warn you of an emergency when indoors.

Alert Warning Signal - is a five (5) minute steady siren. The sirens rotate when broadcasting a signal and will have a sound that will decrease in volume as it rotates away from you and increase in volume as it rotates toward you. This is still considered a steady siren warning signal. This signal is used during severe weather or other peacetime emergencies such as an evacuation needed due to a hazardous materials incident, etc. When you hear this signal you should take shelter and turn on your radio or television and listen for essential emergency information.

Attack Warning Signal - in case of an attack on the homeland, the village warning signal is a five (5) minute wavering siren tone. This signal means that an actual attack against the United States has been detected and that protective actions should be taken immediately.