Village of Sherman Staff have compiled information for the community, residents, businesses and visitors, on "COVID-19". These documents provide information that hopefully reduces the impact on local business and the community as the whole.

These are some very challenging times for all of us and we encourage everyone to help support our local businesses as much as possible as they have supported the Village in past years through donation and sponsorships of sports, holiday, special events and more.

Together we will get through all of this and celebrate together; until then follow the guidelines on keeping healthy and support one another.

We hope you find this information helpful (see link below) and we will provide updates as necessary.

Thank you all!

November 20, 2020; Village of Sherman Community COVID-19 Update

November 19, 2020; Restore Illinois Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigation FAQ from DCEO

November 18, 2020; Governor Executive Order 2020-73, Tier 3 Mitigation Order

November 10, 2020; Notice to all Food Service Establishments Operating in Sangamon County of COVID-19 Requirements

Region 3 Resurgence Mitigations of Restore Illinois

August 25, 2020; Il Department of Public Health COVID Guidelines for Bars & Restaurants

August 21, 2020; Sherman COVID-19 Update

June 26, 2020; Sherman COVID-19 Update Phase 4

May 21, 2020; Sherman COVID-19 Update Phase 3

May 1, 2020; Sherman COVID-19 Update

March 31, 2020; Sherman COVID-19 Update

March 21, 2020; FAQs on Governor's Stay at Home Order

March 19, 2020; Sherman COVID-19 Information, Q&As & Fact Sheet