Splash-Pad Coming to Village Park


Message from Mayor Trevor J. Clatfelter 

PROUD IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Today is a day of first’s. Embarking on new challenges and new endeavors. As our kids start back to school in these new-not-so-normal times, it is MY PLEASURE TO ANNOUNCE SOMETHING SO SUPER BIG THAT IS COMING TO THE VILLAGE OF SHERMAN. IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME IN THE -DREAMING-!!!

Last week the Village Board exemplified profiles in courage by stepping up to unanimously pass (7-0 vote) a major project initiative that we have been discussing and working on for a good period of time. Once a dream for the future is now going to be a reality of the present.

This initiative will bring years and years of enjoyment and memories to families far and wide.

Sherman Village Park is getting a few more items!

Can you say SPLASH PARK? That’s right. It’s the here and now! Starting construction soon. Opening Spring of 2021. As if the new playground wasn’t spectacular enough, we keep seeking the summit of excellency.

Check out the theme we came up with! This isn’t your standard buckets dumping water, palm trees or trains spraying water, it’s something bold and different and fits the theme of the park. It’s something that is so universal in bringing people together — and that thing is MUSIC.

The sounds of the screams, the laughs, the cries of joy will all be music to our ears. It will be connected and situated closely to the current playground and behind the large pavilion at Sherman Village Park.

It’s going to bring commerce. Its going to help with future economic development in the area and around town. It will boost our area businesses by bringing more patrons to the area and local citizens out of their houses. It will get the kids off of their dang iPads and away from the video games. It’s going to help our Village budget. Our police department. Our public works department. Our infrastructure. It’s going to bring smiles. It’s going to bring happiness. But most of all, it’s going to produce life lasting memories.

We didn’t stop there last Tuesday night though. Your Village Board also authorized a system of decorative retaining walls around the playground area that will actually serve a engineering purpose and also enhance the area ascetically, providing for more bench seating for parents and grandparents to watch their children. More decorative planters to put in the area to add color and allure. Low maintenance awesome AstroTurf surfacing under the benches will be utilized setting us apart from all of the rest. It’s exciting!

We’re not going to stop moving forward my fellow Sherman residents. We’re not going to settle for second best and will be second to none. If you think we can’t, look around, we’ve shown you we can. Some things take time but the more we hear we can’t, the more gratifying it is to show you we can. We can and we are and we have!

We know government finance. We know TIF financing. We know how to get it done. Think about where we’ve been. Think about what we’ve been through. The Great Recession. State Budgets where they’ve delayed or kept our funding. Now a pandemic. Literally some of the toughest of times. Then think about what’s here and happened through all of it. Then look at our fund balances and what we’ve been able to do through it all. I’m so proud of this Village Board. The fortitude and muscle they have. The bites they’ve taken at big initiatives.

If you see these folks that serve you with nothing but your best interest in mind, tell them thank you. They’re doing big things for us!

For me, I try to thank them regularly but this is my public THANK YOU. My THANK YOU for answering the call to service.



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