Cyber-Bullying & Social Networks: A Parents Guide


At the Sherman PD/WCUSD15 parent presentation on February 5 and February 19, 2019 at 7:00 PM at the UCB Community Center, Detective Richard Wistocki (Ret.), Nationally recognized High Technology Child Crimes Specialist with 30 years’ experience in Law Enforcement, will be presenting proactive strategies, expert insight, and invaluable resources designed to empower your family to combat Cyber-Bullying and Sexting.

Presenting Information and Strategies on:

  • How to effectively monitor your child's devices remotely.
  • Understand cyber-crime and that “No one online is anonymous”
  • Understand appropriate protocols when a student discloses issues of cyber-bullying,
    sexting, or sextortion.
  • How to report criminal Cyber-Bullying.
  • Understand applications such as Snap Chat, House Party,, Google Hangouts,
    Instagram and more.
  • How Internet investigations are conducted using subpoenas and search warrants.
  • Understand the laws that cover social media such as: Harassment, Cyber-Stalking and
    False Personation.
  • How to empower parents to be responsible for their child’s technology.
  • How to empower students not to be victims & protect their “digital foot print”
  • Open Forum Q&A.

For Further Information Contact Deputy Chief Chris Fulscher at 496.3256 or School Superintendent Tip Reedy at 566.2014.