Tree Limb Pickup



In light of last evenings high winds and limb/tree damage around the Village, Mayor Clatfelter has authorized Public Works to start Limb Pick up two weeks early. 

West Side Schedule - starting Tuesday March 19 limb pick up will begin on the West side of Business 55.

East Side Schedule - starting Tuesday March 26 will begin on the East side of Business 55. 

Normal Schedule for limb pick will resume starting April 2 through October 1.  

Key things to remember.  Please have limbs placed on the curbside for pickup by 6am the day of the pick-up. Limb size accepted is no longer than 8 ft and quantity no larger than a small truck load.  Entire trees are not accepted nor are tree trunk, weeds, grass clippings, leaves or related landscape material.  Limbs Only. 

Limbs trimmed by professional tree service companies will not be picked up.

Thank you.