The Planning Committee provides a mechanism for the residents, developers, contractors, entrepreneurs and the Village Board to develop and implement strategic and comprehensive plans for the community. The power, duties and functions of the Planning Committee is prescribed by law and ordinance.

In summary they are:

  • Prepare and recommend to the Village Board of Trustees a statement of goals and a comprehensive plan of improvements. The goals and plans shall look to the present and future growth of the village. Such a plan, after its adoption by the Village Board of Trustees, shall include, but is not limited to, requirements with reference to streets, alleys, and public grounds within the corporate limits and contiguous territory as authorized by the Illinois municipal code even where not included within the geographic boundaries of any municipality.

  • Prepare and recommend to the Village Board of Trustees, from time to time, changes in the plan or any part thereof that may be deemed necessary.

  • Give aid to the officials of the village and others charged with the direction of projects for improvements embraced by the official plan and to further the making of such improvements, and generally promote the realization of the goals and objectives of the community and the comprehensive plan.

  • Prepare any other plans for the improvement of the village as may be requested of the committee from time to time in accordance with local, state, and federal law.

The committee shall serve in a general advisory capacity to the President and the Trustees. The committee may report in relation thereto if it deems a report necessary or advisable or when specifically requested by the Village Board of Trustees.

The Planning Committee is made up of the following citizens:

  • Brad Davis, Chair
  • Casey Finley
  • Darlene Kmett
  • Steven Fickas
  • Position Vacant
  • Position Vacant