Zoning Enforcement Officer
The Village Administrator serves as the Zoning Enforcement Officer for the Village of Sherman. The role of the Zoning Enforcement Officer is to enforce the ordinances and regulations of the Village code.  In general, the Zoning Enforcement Officer:

  • Receives, reviews and approves all applications for building permits and issues “certificates of compliance” for all uses of land building, and structures,
  • Issues final occupancy permits in conjunction with the Village Engineer and/or Architect,
  • Conducts inspections of buildings, structures, and uses of the land to determine compliance with this title,
  • Investigates citizen complaints of properties not in compliance with Village code,
  • Receives, files and forwards to the Zoning Board of Appeals all petitions for amendments, variances, conditional permitted uses and appeals.

In conjunction with the Village Clerk, the Zoning Enforcement Officer maintains records including all maps, amendments, conditional uses, variations, appeals, and other pertinent data and all uses and structures which do not conform with ordinances or regulations.

Questions, processes and zoning complaints can be directed to the Village’s Zoning Enforcement Officer by mail, phone, email or visit our administrative office at:

Village of Sherman
401 St. John’s Drive
Sherman, IL  62684
Phone: (217) 496-2621
Email: mstratton@shermanil.org